Tuesday, April 12, 2011

While other places have ponies, or parrots... we have dragons.

I am in transcription hell.  I would have quit well over an hour ago were it not for the lovely and talented Dragon.

Looking at a multimodal transcript after-the-fact is pretty fun, but, just like sausage, no one should ever have to see it made. It's not pretty. How "not pretty" is it, you ask? Let me tell you...I'd rather take the GRE over and over... how's that for you?

At least my fingers are not throbbing and popping... love the Dragon... feed the Dragon...

In my scholarly meanderings this week, I came across an interesting article that I started to read ( I probably should be reading the stuff I should be reading, but I couldn't resist the shiny PDF), not because I really believe in it, but it's helping me to separate a ( flavor?) of DASP from other flavors and from other theories:

 de Rosa, A. (2006).  The “boomerang” effect of radicalism in Discursive Psychology: A critical overview of the controversy with the Social Representations Theory.  Journal for the Theory of Social Behavior 36:2, 161–201.

It offers itself up as a critical overview of the catfight between radicalized DASP and this "SRT", but it does a really good job of giving you the range of  DASP stances and some theories, affinities, and battles on the margins. Or so it seems so far.


dr trena said...

Cool, thanks, I don't think I've seen this article.

How do you use Dragon for transcription?

rockytopberchot said...

Sometimes, like right now, when my hands just get too sore to furiously type, I'll turn on the lovely Dragon and let my mouth channel my fingers' job... I still have to do some redacting with the paws, but it keeps the process moving, sometimes amazingly swiftly even...