Monday, March 16, 2009

W is WoW (and I'm not talking about guilds...)

Hotwire really overdid them selves this time. I was looking to save some money @ SCOLT, and got a rate with Hotwire for a 4-star on the ATL Perimeter at half the price of the conference hotel. I was expecting a dump, even for a 4-star. I had never before heard of the W hotels, but I'm telling you now that I so lucked out!

When I first got there, I actually thought I was in the wrong place! It looked like a club/day spa! Nice fusion Asian restaurant to the left (complete with spinner on the nights I was there) and a lobby with several "living rooms" to the right:

The entire hotel was adorned with candles and the sweet smell of incense (every floor seemed to have a different scent piped into the floor smelled a lot like sandalwood). At night, the halls were awash in a soft blue light that was very relaxing.

I truly found sanctuary in my room... spacious balcony, rainforest shower and the legendary Bliss Sinkside Six. The lemon sage aromatherapy from that alone was worth Hotwire's price! And sweet dreams: 350 thread count linens (not up to home snuff, but not bad at all for a hotel), featherbed, goose down duvet. Surfing the Internet on acustom designed blonde wood oversized desk while watching a movie on the mammoth flatscreen with a DVD from the in-room library.

I also suggest the W Personalized Wake-up Service. A nice woman apologizes profusely for disturbing the no-doubt awesome dream you were having, and tells you that it is time to rise and shine, unless you want them to just call you back in 15 minutes? No, I need to go use sWeat, the posh gym facility in the hotel.

I was describing this place to some of my friends, who then called my account "so metro...". If you had any idea how "meat n' taters" I am, you'd understand how great this hotel is.

Enough free advertising. Just had to gush.