Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If you got this from Bb...

This is what passes for hilarious when one is up until midnight finishing an interview protocol due in the morning and surfs YouTube looking for something hypnotic to numb the mind:

I'm either dating myself or I'm not well, and I don't care to know which. Very stream-of-consciousness...

I tried to express this to my CSE 560 class, but embeds are still verboten in there, and I for some reason could not get an a href tag to work. I put in the link....I'm curious to see who goes out to the link, and even more curious to see what reactions occur from those that venture to a site with no context beforehand... I think I'll reply to my thread with a link to this post just to see who has no life...
If you are in 560 and you are reading this, you officially have no life! Welcome to the club. Sign the "guestbook" by commenting on this post....

A First Post from the Grid

Object-Name: Slurlblogger v0.4
Region: VolNation (291328, 289792)
Local-Position: (226, 187, 22)

VolNation - Testing SLurlBlogger on VolNation when I should be writing up an interview protocol or finishing Debby's codesheet!

Is THIS Mac Easy Enough For 'Ya? IS IT?

Not for the weak of heart...it is, after all, the Onion. While I disagree with the Pro-PC rant, this would be the perfect Mac for everyone that thinks that Macs are SO haaarrrdd to get!

Caveat auditor:

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard