Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cloud, meet Atlas. Atlas, meet Cloud.

Somebody with two similar Windoze machines running atlas.ti needs to try something for me…

Theoretically, if one were to put one's hermeneutical unit within a folder in Dropbox, along with all associated files, one should be able to call all of that up on two separate computers running atlas.ti, non?

 Well, I've poked at least one hole in that theory…

  I can open up the hermeneutical unit… no problems. However, the primary documents do not appear, as they cannot be found. The problem seems to be the fact that atlas.ti links PDs to the HU using * absolute  pathways*!! And since pathways on a Mac running Windoze  are not absolutely identical to the pathways on a PeeCee running Windoze... you see the problem.

 Dear Atlas.ti: * relative pathways*...learn them, use them. And while you're at it, port your program to MacOS already!!

 Dear rich fat-cat with two PeeCees running Atlas.ti:  will you please try this experiment with your computers and report your results here?  I'm dying to know if this works between oranges and oranges, since it obviously doesn't work between Apples and oranges.

 I'm sorry,  I meant to say lemons...Apples and lemons....

A bit of situational levity in the midst of EOS chaos