Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Il me restera...

  I'm forcing myself to use this venue to be more reflective,  and it's a good time of year to be reflective. it's funny how there seems to be a not-so-coincidental congruence of events  around this time of year.  For some reason (autoethnography, perhaps?)  we are to bring in mementos today.  I can honestly say that, for me at least, mementos aren't mementos until the signified is gone. Before that, they're just things that you normally don't even give a second thought to. There's only about three things I have in this world that were born as mementos,  because we knew they would be long before they were made.  A Photo CD,  a DVD,  and those cool clay impression cases... not quite sure what they're called.  The case with the footprints will never leave the house... I have a copy of the discs. After all these  years, I don't mind perusing through everything as an individual... I think of the happy moments  I was able to have with such an amazing soul.  For some reason, sharing them beyond myself is like picking at old surgery scars... painful, demoralizing, and usually absolutely unnecessary.  Maybe today will be different... maybe not.

Jean-Jacques comes to mind..."Il me restera...des rêveries sucrés, d'autres amères, et le mal au coeur de tems en temps...Il me restera des souvenirs...des visages et des voix, et des rires" and these "babioloes...que je ne jourrais pas jeter"